If you are a charity hoping to be a donation recipient, learn how you can engage startups in your fundraising

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How Companies Choose Charities
  • Companies can choose any registered Canadian charity that is meaningful to the founder and/or team
  • A charity can be selected at the time of the company's initial equity donation, when they have a liquidity event, or any time in between
  • Companies can choose to allocate their donation to more than one charity

Our Role:
Upside can assist founders with charity selection if desired, but does not have a list of preferred charities to recommend. Upside does not match or promote charities to founders. Upside does not take a fee from company donations.
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How Charities Engage with Upside
  • Incorporate equity pledges through Upside into a long-term fundraising strategy
  • Leverage individuals from charity's own network (e.g. influential entrepreneurs or investors from Board) to build awareness for your cause and encourage founders to pledge equity through Upside

Our Role: Upside can share best practices - as well as provide templates, tools, and guidance - for charities looking to fundraise through equity pledges.


Your charity is a fit to incorporate equity donation fundraising through The Upside Foundation if you:

  • Are a registered Canadian charity
  • Serve any cause that adheres to fundamental human rights principles (see Donation Policy on FAQ page for more information)
  • Are already connected to entrepreneurs or influential leaders, and/or are willing to dedicate time and effort to engage people

See Impact page for charities who have already benefitted from Upside liquidity events.

Kogitiv team at Upside's Employee Volunteering Social


If a company decides to support your charity through an equity pledge with Upside,
the donation process is as follows:

Company donates equity (a portion of ownership in their business) to The Upside Foundation
Company has a liquidity event (goes public or is acquired), equity is converted to cash
Upside facilitates the cash donation to your charity (no fees)
Note: donations are highly unpredictable in value, time horizon and likelihood: occurring only if the company experiences a liquidity event (many will not), in anywhere from 2-15 years, with the final amount varying based on amount of equity pledged and company value, ranging from hundreds of dollars to millions.

Steps to Engage

1) Incorporate equity donations through Upside into your long-term fundraising strategy

2) Identify individuals in your own networks to champion your cause within the startup community

3) Encourage entrepreneurs in your network (see How it Works to learn what companies are a fit) to pledge equity to your charity

4) Work with Upside to facilitate legal documentation to make donation official



#Tech4SickKids is an initiative developed by the SickKids Foundation, challenging the Canadian tech community to raise $25M for new facilities, staff, and programs at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. SickKids engaged influential people in the Canadian tech and innovation community who already supported their work (Jodi Kovitz of #movethedial and Salim Teja of Radical Ventures) and subsequently engaged their own networks to get involved. Thus far, over 35 entrepreneurs have pledged to share their upside with SickKids and $4M has been raised towards the campaign. SickKids has invested significant effort in connecting with entrepreneurs, as well as celebrating those who have pledged to donate, through events and a large plaque in the hospital.

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