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Become an Upside Member before May 30th
to join our Spring 2020 Member Cohort

Spring 2020 Member Cohort

At Upside, we've been focused on supporting our Members and on helping those who are looking for ways to give back to do so. We continue to see Founders pledging to give back with us as they reflect on the kind of company they want to be building: we look forward to welcoming many companies to our Spring Cohort.

Last season we saw 26 early-stage, high-growth Canadian companies pledge their upside and join the Fall 2019 Member Cohort. To celebrate the founders’ phenomenal commitment to building social responsibility into their business, and welcome them to our community of like-minded entrepreneurs, these individuals attended a New Member Dinner hosted by Mike Katchen at Wealthsimple (see pictures below).

We've now launched the Spring 2020 Member Cohort intake period. We invite you to become a Member before May 30th to join our community of values-driven founders, and attend the Upside’s next New Member Dinner (online edition) hosted by our investor partners, including Mark Skapinker of Brightspark Ventures, Michelle McBane of MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund, and Hamzah Nassif of Real Ventures.

Join us by pledging today, from there we will send you the Upside Donation Agreement. Once this is completed, you will be an official Upside Member in the Spring 2020 Cohort. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Community Manager if you have any questions about the pledging process, or want to chat specifically about your company’s fit with Upside.

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