Make an exponential impact by encouraging others to share their upside

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Inviting Founders to Join Upside

The majority of Upside Members pledge after being invited to do so by someone they trust. You can make an exponential impact by encouraging other values-aligned founders in your network to join you in sharing their upside. There are two ways you can do this:

1) We Reach Out Directly

We are more than happy to reach out directly to any founders you believe might be interested in the opportunity to pledge with Upside. We will mention that you kindly referred us to them.

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2) You Introduce Us

Introduce our Executive Director, Juanita Lee-Garcia, to your fellow founder over email or LinkedIn. See below for a sample message you can use as a template when making the connection. Feel free to either include us in that initial introduction, or offer to connect the founder to us if it is of interest.

Hi *founder name*,
I am a Member of The Upside Foundation's community of impact-driven founders, and am proud to have donated a portion of
*your company*'s equity to charity through them. Given that many great companies are being built right now- and I believe yours is one of them- I thought you might be interested in thinking about what your greater impact will be? The Upside Foundation enables founders of early-stage, high-growth Canadian companies to build social responsibility into their business by pledging equity to the charity of their choice. There are over 350 companies in the network, including Borrowell, Hopper, Wattpad, and Wealthsimple (however, most are smaller).
It's a fantastic community to be a part of, and they frequently host opportunities for founders to connect with and learn from each other. For more info, see their 
website. If you’d like to learn more and explore if this is a fit for you, I've connected you here with their Executive Director for further conversation. Let me know if you have any questions!
*Your name*

Thank you so much in advance for inviting fellow values-aligned founders in your network to share their upside. Should the founder end up joining us, we look forward to recognizing both your commitments to social responsibility at our next New Member Celebration!