Derek Smyth

Honouring a visionary and leader in the Canadian business landscape

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The Derek Smyth Memorial Foundation

Honour Derek. Support SickKids.
Derek Smyth was a pioneer in bringing the Canadian technology and investment industries together. Derek was described as a “visionary and leader in the Canadian business landscape”, “someone who always thought of everyone else first”. When Derek passed away after a brief but fierce battle with cancer on April 30, 2017, at the age of 51, his death was a real loss for the Toronto and Canadian startup community. A Canadian treasure we lost too soon. Derek’s legacy is intrinsically tied to an early wave of Canadian success stories including Shopify, Hopper, Vision Critical, and Hootsuite. His work helped to lay the foundation for the Canadian technology community as it exists today. Together with Derek’s family, we have created an opportunity for those who were touched by Derek to come together to honour his legacy.

What We’re Doing & How You Can Help
We’re honouring Derek’s legacy and extending his impact. The Derek Smyth Memorial Foundation is a charitable fund that will support Oncology at SickKids, providing care for children with cancer (90% of proceeds) and The Upside Foundation’s work encouraging giving from the Canadian tech community (10% of proceeds). If you are someone who was touched by Derek Smyth, we invite you to join this initiative, band together with other leaders and honour Derek’s legacy.

1) Make a future-based donation to the Memorial Foundation
Companies or individuals can donate future company upside, in the form of stock options, warrants, or a pledge of personal proceeds through The Upside Foundation. Visit How it Works to learn more, or Pledge if you are ready to do so.

2) Make a donation today
Make a donation today using the PayPal link below. You will be sent a charitable tax donation receipt within 10 business days.

3) Simply share this page
Share this page with friends and family who may have been touched by Derek via email or social media. The more people we reach the bigger the impact.

Thank You
We’re honoured to work with Derek’s family and loved ones to honour his legacy. Derek never sought the limelight (we had trouble finding the photo for this page!) but together we can keep his light shining. We hope you’ll join us in giving back in the name of someone that gave so much.

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