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December 1, 2020

SalesRight, an Upside Member company co-founded by Taylor Bond, has been acquired by FastSpring, leading to Upside's eighth exit. SalesRight enables SaaS companies to close deals faster with Interactive Live Quotes. SalesRight is an innovator in the SaaS sales process, allowing clients to create and present quotes with interactive guides, close deals faster with eSignatures, offer more choice with multi-axis pricing, and plan follow-ups with deal insights. FastSpring is a trusted e-commerce partner for global software companies. Taylor pledged with Upside this year, and already will be donating the proceeds of his exit to Eva's Initiatives for Homeless Youth.

"I’m privileged to have had the opportunity to build SalesRight with an amazing team, I’m excited that my team members will also join FastSpring and continue to learn and flourish in their respective careers. For my 21st birthday, my grandma gave me money to make a donation to a charity of my choice.  I originally found Eva’s through Charity Intelligence and was inspired by their work, particularly for LGBTQI2S+ & BIPOC youth."
– Taylor Bond, Co-founder of SalesRight

Eva's Initiatives, which has been designated as one of Canada’s top 10 high-impact charities, provides shelter, transitional housing, and programming to help homeless and at-risk youth reach their potential to lead productive, self-sufficient, and healthy lives. They enable young people to transition out of homelessness permanently by giving them a safe place and sense of belonging, permanency and housing, and a connection to community and their future. Eva's Initiatives is dedicated to collaborating and innovating in order to end youth homelessness.

"All of us at Eva’s Initiatives would like to warmly extend our heartfelt thanks to Taylor Bond and The Upside Foundation in helping Eva’s put an end to youth homelessness and create brighter, healthier futures for homeless youth. Having dedicated supporters like you has a huge impact on helping vulnerable youth transition to independent living. Eva’s provides safe shelter, crisis services, health and wellness programs, employment training and housing supports, all which empower vulnerable youth to set and achieve their goals."
– Eva's Initiatives

The Upside Foundation's philanthropic model enables founders of early-stage, high-growth companies to build social responsibility into their business by donating small portions of equity to charity.

“Our mission is to enable Canadian startups to align their business success with a greater social impact. We are so excited to help Taylor at SalesRight to couple this moment, that every founder looks forward to for many years, with a donation to an organization that is so close to his heart."
– Jen Couldrey, Executive Director, The Upside Foundation of Canada

Congratulations to Taylor and the team at SalesRight on this milestone, and your unwavering commitment to socially impactful business! 

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